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Want To Lose Weight...Why Choose Raspberry Ketone?

It works!Raspberry Ketones - RK Phase 2 You’ve seen it on Dr. Oz. You’ve heard about it on countless TV shows. You’ve read about it website after website. And now it’s available to you – to help you LOSE THE WEIGHT YOU’VE ALWAYS WANTED TO LOSE!

No Fillers! No Binders! No extra ingredients! No kidding!

We only use pure Raspberry Ketones of the highest quality to ensure that you’re getting the greatest weight loss possible! And our dosage is calibrated at 500 mg – without any fillers, binders or extra ingredients. So you’re getting the highest quality available – providing you with the highest quality Raspberry Ketone you can buy.

Clinical Study: "Anti-Obese Action of Raspberry Ketone"

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The amazing effects of Raspberry Ketones have been seen in the news and in published studies. Dr. Oz recently discussed the profound results Raspberry Ketones have had on weight loss. Dr. Oz was so impressed with the results of the clinical studies that he called them "the number one miracle in a bottle to burn your fat".

Although Dr. Oz does not endorse any specific raspberry ketones product, he has set guidelines to follow when purchasing a Raspberry Ketones product. What separates RK Phase 2 from other Raspberry Ketones products is that RK Phase 2 meets all of the guidelines Dr. Oz has set when purchasing a Rapsberry Ketones product. In addition, our source of Raspberry Ketones is of such a high quality that it is without a doubt “The 2nd Generation of Raspberry Ketones”!

RK Phase 2 was created to provide weight loss that will change your life. Here's are the recommendations Dr. Oz set :

  • Make sure you get 500 mg doses 2 times per day. And take each capsule 30 minutes before meals.
  • Take Raspberry Ketones that are 100% pure, and have absolutely no fillers or binders.
  • Make sure the Ketones source comes from natural Ketone sources and NOT a synthetic lab.
  • Be wary of false or crazy/outlandish claims. If you see any claims that seem unrealistic then stay away from that website.
  • Stay away from lower dose products (100-400mg's) as these are created by companies who are cutting corners to save themselves money at your cost.

As you can see by viewing our label, we meet all the guidelines set forth by Dr. Oz.

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Read What Our Customers Think:

Each and every success story is 100% real. We are happy to provide proof upon request.

The product has significantly helped me lose weight. I take it everyday and I am extremely happy with the results. Thanks for a great product.

Justin T.

I really enjoyed using RK Phase 2 Raspberry ketones. I seemed to have more energy and was less hungry throughout the day! Love the product.

Julia R.

I've been taking the pills for 2 weeks now, along w/ a daily workout schedule, I've lost 10 lbs. Your service was great w/ fast shipping. Thanks.

Russel C.

Amazing results!! I can definitely see the difference!!

Kamela B.

Since I started to use RK Phase 2, I started losing weight. I combined it with exercises in the gym. On average I lost 2.5lb per week during the last 20 weeks. I feel more vital every day and will absolutely continue to use RK Phase 2!

Anton C.

I have taken RKPhase2 alongside my partner. In one month my partner lost around 14 pounds eating the usual amounts and types of food 2 tablets a day. I only lost around 4 pounds and took four a day we are about to have another month on them.

Clare R.

The product was amazing !! I lost About 10 pounds in addition to the way I lost due to a sensible diet I truly believe this product had something to do with it I would suggest it to my friends and family and I certainly will be using it again.

Chris M.

I really liked the RK Phase 2. I haven't changed my eating habits and I'm down 7 pounds in 3 weeks. I really feel it gave me a jump start to my weight loss. Thank you RK!

Kelly T.

I have been purchasing RK Phase 2 for the past 5 months, and the products has been great. I have lost 5 lbs. in the first week and now I am at 15 lbs. I need to say that I am dieting regularly, therefore my weight loss could be greater. I have tried a lot of different products, but RK Phase 2 has help me a lot in my goal.

Bruno R.

I have used the product for 3 months and lost 12 pounds. I have incorporated exercise with the keytones. I have ordered more and would recommend to anyone.

John P.

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RK Phase 2 is the top Raspberry Ketones product. Here are some other important factors to consider when purchasing a raspberry ketones product:

  • Make sure the supplement is made in an FDA registered laboratory. This assures you that the manufacturing company is a professional facility registered with FDA.
  • Ensure that it complies with the high standards set forth by the US Pharmacopeia. The US Pharmacopeia Association helps to ensure the quality, safety, and benefit of medicines and foods.
  • Be wary of false or crazy/outlandish claims. If you see any claims that seem unrealistic then stay away from that website.
  • Avoid purchasing from a company that attempts to “trap” you into an monthly enrollment plan.
  • Get your Raspberry Ketones from a company that manufactures their Raspberry Ketones in the U.S.A.

Does RK Phase 2 Meet These Guidelines?

Yes, RK Phase 2 not only meets all the requirements but it actually exceeds them! We have created the best Raspberry Ketones product because we are committed to helping you lose weight.

  • RK Phase 2 is manufactured in an FDA Registered laboratory.
  • RK Phase 2 complies with the high standards set forth by the US Pharmacopeia.
  • RK Phase 2 never uses auto-enrollment billing. It's against our policy and what we stand for!
  • RK Phase 2 is manufactured in the U.S.A., in a FDA registered laboratory.
  • RK Phase 2 contains 500 mg of real Raspberry Ketones per serving (not synthetic or lab grown), and has absolutely no fillers, binders, or added ingredients.

We're Happy To Give You 120 Days Risk Free

Guarantee Seal - RK Phase 2

Feel free to try RK Phase 2 for 120 days and if for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, simply return the empty bottles within 120 days for a full refund of the purchase price and your shipping charges.

Why do we refund shipping charges when NO other Raspberry Ketones product does the same? Simple, we have the best quality product that will get you the weight loss results you are after! We are absolutely committed to your success and as you can see RK Phase 2 is your solution to your weight loss problem.

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